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HWLC ApproachHarmony Whole Learning Centre is an exclusive private school dedicated to building the foundations of learning in a positive environment. By adopting a balanced approach to learning, we strive to embrace the old with the new in this fast changing world. We foster personal growth from ages 21/2 to 100+!

Full Montessori programs are offered during regular school hours. After school, evenings and weekends, a Tutoring Mentorship Program is offered. All subjects are covered in every facet of our school. These subjects include French, Geography, Reading, Writing, History, Current Affairs, Mathematics, conflict resolution, personal growth, ownership and so much more!

We maintain a high quality of education by offering small class sizes (no more than 15:2 in one classroom). These classes are currently taught by an internationally trained Montessori Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education and one Ontario Certified teacher. With twenty years of combined teaching, it is our professional experience that makes us effective and our sincere passion that makes us extraordinary.

Our Philosophy

With low student teacher ratios and highly qualified staff, we will provide the opportunity for students to explore and develop their innate learning abilities in a positive, balanced and nurturing environment.  We aim to redefine the learning process and bring meaningful connection between knowledge and experience. It is our goal to reconcile the gap between pedagogy and the human experience.   From our genuine Primary Montessori Program to continuing adult education, we believe that meaningful development is the key to success for anyone seeking to foster a love of learning at every age! 

Our History

Harmony Whole Learning Centre began as Four Seasons Montessori (FSM), which was located in downtown Preston.  The school experienced an amazing reception in the community.  Our success was reflected by our long waiting list.  Our school was quickly recognized as being a leader in academic advancement.  Families and students were so pleased with our approach that most completed the entire four year program!  We are proud to say that we continue to hear from all of our graduates and are able to share in everything they have accomplished.  Many of them credit their success to the foundations they were taught at FSM.  The owner took time away from the business in order to raise her own children.  The time has come to start the school once again and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded to include Tutoring and Mentorship programs for all ages.

Our Students

Harmony WLC students are are people just like you who are looking for a truly unique learning experience. Many of our students were frustrated with a one-size-fits-all education format.  Others were seeking to rediscover the joy of learning.  Often our students benefit from an interactive and collaborative learning environment where thier learning styles and needs are embraced rather than criticized.

Our Promise

We promise to:

  • provide the foundations necessary for academic and personal growth
  • work with only the most qualified and dedicated staff
  • maintain a motivating and positive environment
  • creative staff who provide meaningful rewards
  • to maintain open and consistent communication with students and families.

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Hours of Operation

Montessori Hours

Monday - Friday

1/2 Day - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Full Day - 8:30am to 3:30pm

Tutoring & Mentorship*

Tuesday - Friday

4:00pm to 8:30pm

*Hours may fluctuate

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A Balanced Approach to Lifelong Learning

Why Harmony?

Our history of success, parent testimonials and exemplary credentials say it all! Harmony is the school your child deserves.

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