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Stacey Bauer
M.Ed. A.M.I. B.A. (Music & Sociology)

stacey bauer teacherAs a young female entrepreneur, Stacey began her teaching career in 2000, when she started Four Seasons Montessori School in downtown Preston.  After six years of successfully teaching and running FSM, Stacey decided to take a break in order to raise her own children.  She is thrilled to be in touch with most of her former students and families!

Stacey has always taken on a teaching and mentorship role in every facet of her life.  By attending sleep over camp (Camp GV) for 11 years, her natural tendency to be a mentor was fostered as she had the unique experience of guiding others of all ages.  In addition, she continued to work throughout her summers with people between the ages of 1-90!  A self professed “band geek”, she was involved in her high school concert band, orchestra and even a flute choir.

Stacey attended Bishop’s University where she studied music and sociology.  She purposefully chose Bishop’s University due to the small class size and caring, tight knit community.  Following her studies at Bishop’s, she was accepted to the Washington Montessori Institute (WMI), which is AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) accredited.  This association was originally started by Dr. Maria Montessori herself and is considered the most authentic form of Montessori teacher education.  In addition, her AMI Diploma is internationally recognized.  Stacey chose WMI after visiting to learn more about the training centre and staff.  This school was exactly how she envisioned a Montessori environment to be; bright, homey, nurturing and positive!  She was trained under Janet McDonnell, who continues to be one of the best teacher training instructors.

In conjunction with her Montessori training, Stacey completed her Master’s of Education Degree from Loyola University in Maryland.  This gave Stacey the opportunity to learn more about education outside the realm of the Montessori Philosophy, while still applying her Montessori roots.

Stacey is thrilled to be ready to re enter the classroom and have the most wonderful partner in Lacey Capobianco.  Together, we will continue the high standard of education and strong sense of community that began at Four Seasons Montessori.

Lacey Capobianco
B.Ed.B.A (English/French)

lacey capobianco teacherLacey is a bilingual Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Western Ontario where she majored in English Language and Literature and completed her minor in French Language studies. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she attended Windsor University where she earned her Bachelor of Education with French qualifications.

Lacey grew up in the small community of Ayr, Ontario. This rural community was the perfect place to nourish her adventurous and inquisitive mind. Lacey cannot remember a time when she didn’t want to teach. Whether it was coaching sports teams, offering free learning seminars, or volunteering at local schools, it was obvious that Lacey wanted to share her love of learning with others.

After completing her schooling, Lacey was excited to join the teaching world. She began by offering her time to various volunteer positions and schools in her community. In only a short year, Lacey was offered her first teaching position. She began working as a full-time Primary/Junior French teacher at a prestigious private school. Lacey had made quite an impression on the school community and was subsequently offered a position to develop and run the aftercare program as well. It was a very busy time! It didn’t take very long for her to receive feedback about the positive changes happening at the school. Parents began remarking on the enthusiasm of their children. Students were engaged and inspired. There was an increase in student participation and satisfaction. She even brought out a bit of her “inner rock star” by incorporating guitar into her French lessons. These experiences were among the most rewarding of her life.

When Lacey isn't teaching she enjoys reading, fishing, playing guitar, singing with her choir, and spending time with her loud Italian family! Lacey credits much of her success to the support of her family and friends.

Over the next two years, Lacey was fully immersed in school life. She ran the French Club, coached Primary and Junior track teams, organized afterschool activities, developed extra help sessions, communicated with families, and supported school events and charities.

Lacey has gained invaluable insight from her time teaching and continues to form lasting relationships. Through collaboration with other educators and using her natural instincts, Lacey is able to identify the needs and learning styles of every student as an individual. She wanted a place where the approach to education was not fueled by external rewards, but rather by the natural desire to explore and challenge the world around us. She began discussing her ideas about the education system with a close teacher friend of hers-Stacey Bauer. Stacey had mentioned that she was interested in reopening her Montessori School. It was during this collaboration that Harmony WLC was imagined. Lacey is excited to share her successes with her students and their families. She thanks everyone who has been a part of her dream to build something meaningful and rewarding.


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