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Spring has officially sprung!  Now is the perfect time to be outdoors discovering endless possibilities!  What better way to do this than through playing games and spending some good old quality time together?  There are so many positive ways to incorporate special time with young children in particular and add some learning fun along the way.  

Here are some tips:

  • Go for a walk around the backyard or neighbourhood!  Point out a few plants that are starting to bloom. Take the time to talk to your child about the purpose of buds and what is inside.  Depending on the age of the child, explain with a varying level of facts. Once you have done this, ask what they see! Can they point out a bud on another plant or tree?  If they do not know what a plant is called and they point to it, try rephrasing by saying “Yes, that is also a bud. This will turn into a flower and then a crab apple.” By giving this simple explanation, you will see the wonder and amazement in their eyes.  This can even be extended to show real pictures on an electronic device. Of course, another walk to rediscover changes is the perfect way to follow through on this activity!
  • Play the “Silence Game” outside.  Start by playing follow the leader and move to a comfortable location in your backyard or park.  Calmly walk with purpose and have your child follow your movements and maybe even actions for some extra fun.  Find a comfortable spot to sit down and explain that you are going to take a moment to close your eyes. Talk about how amazing it is that we can hear more when our eyes are closed.  It is best to explain this so that they have some understanding of what to expect. Close your eyes together and take a moment or two to just listen. Calmly talk about what you hear:  “I can hear the wind blowing through the trees. What do you hear?”. It is incredible how positively children of all ages respond to this! They actually do love the quiet! Many have just not had the opportunity in this fast pace busy world of today.  This game can be played at home or at a park, by the lake….the sky’s the limit!!
  • Art, Art, Art!  Put together a tray or basket with a variety of art supplies such as stickers, sparkle glue, crayons, markers, watercolours, paper, etc.  Perhaps a reusable plastic table cloth to protect your work area too. Find a comfortable spot outside. Explain that you are going to look for inspiration outside and try to draw it.  You may need to talk about what exactly the word “inspiration” means! It could be a tree, bird, car etc., etc. Then choose what medium you would like to work with and get started! It is incredible what kinds of discussions this can start!  Enjoy your time together with only natures music, sing songs, and/or play some quiet music while you create your masterpiece!

In this busy world, it’s great to be reminded that sometimes it’s okay to just slow down and enjoy the wonders of nature!  It is okay to be quiet and observe/absorb the beauty around us. Most importantly, this allows children to practice healthy communication skills and that it is cool to learn!  Enjoy every minute together and remember this is helping your children develop skills that will last a lifetime! Just like we do here at Harmony Montessori & Learning Centre!

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