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The “Montessori Method”

The Montessori Method is a theory of educational learning that provides a carefully prepared environment and hands on learning materials in order to assist children in reaching their full potential. One of the main goals of the Montessori Method is to ensure that the child is given the opportunity to become self guided, independent and confident. In order to achieve these goals, Dr. Montessori created specific educational materials that each have a particular purpose in mind.

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The Montessori Method also focuses on the whole development of the child. The materials and various activities in the classroom help the child work towards the harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

Practical Life

“Practical Life” are tasks that we do in order to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. These tasks include getting dressed, cleaning, decorating, cooking, etcetera. For adults, a task such as cleaning is mundane and distasteful. The only reason we do this kind of task is for the end product. Children on the other hand, are mainly concerned with the process. In the classroom, we have activities that focus on care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy and movement. Three main purposes of this material are; to develop concentration, independence, and control of movement. Practical life exercises are a way to practice and get ready so that children will have the skills and tools necessary to finish a task when they want to and be successful in their later work.

Sensorial Materials

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One of the many purposes of the beautiful and attractive sensorial materials is to refine the senses. All aspects of the senses are explored in the sensorial area of the classroom, thus children explore various kinds of texture, sound, colour, shape, size and taste. These materials also aid in classification, memorization of information and facilitate the child in thinking in an abstract way.


As communication is a human tendency which allows us to communicate and express ourselves, language is very formally addressed in the Montessori environment. This human tendency to communicate with others, cooperates with our self awareness and intelligence to form language.

Three aspects of language are speech, writing and reading. Encouragement is consistently given to further the development of spoken language. As well, there are several activities which focus on cursive writing and a pure phonetic approach to reading is used.

At Harmony WLC, French is taught three days a week as part of our curriculum.


It is natural for humans to be mathematical; we love order, exactness and precision. The math materials are designed to develop a complete understanding of numbers and to ensure that every child has a fun and good experience with mathematical concepts. In the math area, we move from using hands on materials, which will then lead to abstract thought and memorization. With the use of the materials children learn the concepts of numbers 1-10, the decimal system (which includes adding, subtracting, multiplication and division), teens and tens, and memorization of mathematical facts.

Cultural Extensions

The children will have the experience of learning about various cultures, animals, geography, history, music, and art. Students will learn the world continents as well as countries of the world and where they fit in globally.

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Outdoor Activities

During the summer months, the children will enjoy learning about plants, flowers and trees by exploring the property surrounding the school. In addition, we understand the need for children to have learning experiences outside. If children have adequate time outdoors that include meaningful experiences, their minds will be much more open and ready to learn in the classroom environment.

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“Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials.”
Maria Montessori

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