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I would recommend Lacey's services to anyone looking for a real change for their kids.  Lacey did a fantastic job working with my girls.  She was very capable in a range of subjects. She helped my oldest who is in grade 8 with science, history, French, geography, and all of her exam preperation.  Lacey even offered her time for free when my daughter and her friends were struggling while studying for an exam!  She has a way of putting them at ease and always brings laughter to the kids.  Both my daughters have had their grades improve and teachers are noticing too. We had tried the big name tutoring companies and were always dissapointed.  I am very glad with my decision to hire Lacey, and you will be too.

Sending our 2 children to Harmony Montessori was one of the best decisions we could have made. Small class size allows for children to learn independence, respect for one another and structure all within a safe, caring environment. Stacey is a warm, loving educator who truly cares about the success of her students. Our children are now teens and are still close friends with the children they met at Harmony.

I hired Lacey almost two years ago now to work with my son who was in grade 6.  He was on an IEP(Individual Education Plan) at his school. He struggled in areas of reading, writing and organizational skills.  Despite his new learning plan at school and specialized technological support, I was not seeing much improvement in his grades. What was worse was that I was watching my son, an inquisitive and active boy, lose his drive to do well and explore the world around him.  My husband and I were not sure what our next step should be.  I came across an advertisement for a tutor and decided to give it a try.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Lacey created a goal plan for my son and the two of them were responsible for assessing it and readjusting depending on his needs.  Lacey was patient and supportive.  Lacey took the time to learn about my son and even stayed late to play guitar with him. I could see him getting back that spark that he was missing. After a lesson, he would spend time on his own learning more about a topic they covered. He has become somewhat of an expert on black holes! What happened next was equally incredible. My younger son who was in grade 4 asked if Lacey could work with him. My youngest did not struggle in the same way. He was constantly coming home saying that he was bored at school and that nothing they learned interested him. I feared his potential was being lost in the school system and curriculum. He had become very comfortable coasting by. Lacey developed an enrichment program for him to challenge his limits and rekindle his curiosity.  Lessons were largely guided by his own questions.  She always kept it related to what he was doing in class but provided him with the individual attention he was lacking in the classroom.  She also did a novel study with the boys together.  I love hearing them discuss the book and share theories and ideas about what might happen next. She brought them together in a way that would make any parent happy.  I would recommend Lacey to anyone who wants to make a meaningful change in the lives of their children.  I plan on having her with us for a very long time. Thank you Lacey for everything you do for us, and good luck on what I know will be a rewarding adventure!

My two daughters had the pleasure to be a part of Harmony Montessori run by Stacey Bauer. They both enjoyed the experience, and learned so much, but most importantly they have both been instilled with a lifelong love of learning that was fostered at this school. They have never had any issues throughout their school-life, and I think it was due to having such a great start at Harmony.  The school's teachers, especially Stacey, were very caring and they went above and beyond to make children happy and teach mutual respect.

I was so pleased to see Stacey was heading back to teaching. A life calling should never be ignored. I was fortunate to had Stacey teach my daughter at Harmony. If you have the opportunity to enroll your child in this Montessori school make sure you take it as you won't find a more caring, energetic, talented teacher in this area.

Lacey has been working with my girls ( grade 1 and grade 3) for 2 years now with their French.  Where do I even start? Before I hired Lacey I was considering taking my girls out of French Immersion.  Both of them were struggling and I was a single mother who didn’t speak a word of French. It was a struggle to get them to school each day as they expressed over and over again that they didn’t enjoy school and both of them felt that they were not smart. It broke my heart to see my kids so upset and it was causing our family time to be replaced with catching up on homework, and arguing about the importance of schooling.  The stress was getting to us. I was not seeing the support I expected from their school and I was running out of options.  I hired Lacey to start working on reading and communication with my girls.  She was very knowledgeable and provided excellent materials and games during her lessons.  I began to see improvements in marks coming home as well as teacher reports. But what was really amazing was the change I saw in my girls. Lacey worked with them on building confidence and having fun while learning. She made her delivery of lessons exciting and even took into account the girls’ preferences and hobbies. It is very obvious when watching Lacey that she is passionate about what she does.  My kids look forward to tutoring days and both of them have expressed that they would love to teach one day!  Lacey always makes sure to include me in everything they are doing and I have even learned a bit of French myself!  I could not be happier with Lacey’s work and she has become a welcomed addition to our lives. Hearing my girls laugh and sing French songs around the house puts a smile on my face.  Lacey is making a difference and I want to show my support for her services.  We look forward to sharing in her success.

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