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The Tutoring Program at Harmony WLC goes beyond the expected to attain a more authentic and personal experience. Students will enjoy uninterrupted attention in a completely one-on-one session. Unlike many other centres that attempt to fit a number of students into one time slot with one instructor, at Harmony WLC, students are guaranteed to have the full one on one support and attention from a qualified, dedicate teacher.

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With a combined experience of over 20 years, our instructors are capable of offering academic support and growth in all subject areas. Our educators have a comprehensive understanding of Ontario Curriculums and implement these expectations when delivering lessons. We are also pleased to offer studies in French instruction from an Ontario Certified Teacher.


Come in for a free consultation and see why Harmony WLC will work for you. The teacher will spend time getting to know about you. We do not simply ask the standard set of questions, but we go deeper to understand your learning style, interests, areas of focus, and most importantly what your goals are and how we can help you succeed. We do not match you to a pre-existing program, but rather begin to work with you in designing a genuinely personal approach to your learning plan. You actually get to be an architect of your own learning.

One-on-One Lessons

Unlike other learning support centres, Harmony WLC guarantees that you will always benefit from a one-on-one lesson with an experienced teacher. In an attempt to maximize profits, many centres will group as many as five students together with one instructor during an instructional period! This is problematic. Students become distracted and struggle to get the attention that the need and deserve. Time is wasted, students are neglected, and parents are frustrated. We pride ourselves on offering our full attention and support to our students.

Test & Exam Preparation

Test time can be an extremely stressful time for students. There is often a great deal of material to cover and students can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of studying for a test. We not only help solidify the knowledge and understanding of content matter, but we also help your child learn how to take a test. We teach valuable study methods, note taking, time management, and how to structure appropriate responses. As experienced teachers, we are familiar with what curriculum expectations will be reflected and we make sure students are confident with their understanding of these expectations. We also communicate with your child’s teachers in order to better prepare for topics covered. Our students often remark on how much they hated writing test- that was before Harmony WLC of course!

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This is one of our commitments that set us above the rest! The Harmony online forum is a private sharing group that is only accessible by our teachers, students, and parents. Often students are stuck with questions and difficulties and they cannot wait to see their tutor at the scheduled lesson. Students can post their message on a secure chat. Teachers check the message board daily and will respond within 24 hrs. Teachers often provide clarification, additional readings, weblinks, and examples of work to help students and parents get the most out of their efforts at home. We want to offer support beyond the walls of our centre and truly move from a tutoring program to a mentorship connection. This is another promise to a whole learning experience.

Working with Classroom Teachers

Harmony WLC is dedicated to bringing together the various environments so that they all work in one deliberate way. In other words, in harmony! We have discovered that a major barrier faced by families was a lack of communication between school and home. Often parents would feel that they were in the dark about their child’s learning. We commit ourselves to working with your child’s classroom teacher in order to create and deliver a purposeful plan for each student.

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Our history of success, parent testimonials and exemplary credentials say it all! Harmony is the school your child deserves.

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